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Sep 25, 2019

The Scarlet Speedster, The Crimson Comet, The Human Whirlwind, The Sultan Of Speed! It's finally here our Deep Dive on The Fastest Man Alive, THE FLASH! We cover the origins of Barry Allen, his sidekicks, supporting characters & of course the Dastardly Rogues! 

Sep 18, 2019

After having been mentioned so often on the podcast it could no longer be avoided, this week The Fantom Zones plunges headfirst into the pages of Saga!  Perhaps the pound-for-pound best currently published comic series today, Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples's genre-blending tour de force combine a...

Sep 11, 2019

We look back on Marvel Studios Phase One! The good, the bad and the Incredible Hulk. From Iron Man to The Avengers, Marvel created a connected Universe that changed the game of Comic Book Movies forever. Tune in as we discuss, gush and tear apart the first phase of a comic book empire! 

Sep 4, 2019

The world of the superheroes is populated by men and women who can shatter diamonds with their bare hands, run around the globe in a nanosecond, and move mountains with their mind. That's why it's really something to encounter a hero in comics who fights crime with nothing more than the gravel in their gut and the spit...